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Dark enlightenment

February 19, 2014


The concepts and understanding behind the ‘dark enlightenment’ have been solidly part of human understanding since before the times of aristotle and socrates, as evidenced by their writings on the subject. Those who do not learn from the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. Progressivism is, by it’s very nature, a denial […]

On Religion and the Manosphere

October 20, 2013


I am almost completely lacking in any sort of faith (a relatively common condition among autistics, I am afraid… the ability to take very little on faith.) That means that virtually anything that requires faith without logical consideration… religion, feminism, egalitarianism, manifest destiny, fiat currency, the media, democracy, I have to study for a very […]

Is breaking societal ideals a good thing?

June 18, 2011


Living up to society’s ideals is the definition of ‘civilization’. without adopting ideals to live up to, you are ruled by nothing but selfish impulses. You are an animal, fit for nothing but living outside of society. But, when society’s ideals begin to actively CONFLICT with your personal ideology, Then your duty as a civilized […]

Tom Ball says ‘enough is enough’ in the most powerful fashion imaginable

June 18, 2011


A man named Tom Ball burned himself alive on the courthouse steps in Keene County, NH. on Thursday morning. This guy was not a complete loony, He was actually a very reasonable man put into an unreasonable situation, a situation virtually identical to my own. He decided that he would take the advice of great […]

Why men become men’s rights activists

June 17, 2011


I have seen an enormous amount of theories coming out of feminism as to why men support the MRM or become activists opposing feminism. Most of those theories are entirely unbiased, hateful, and abusive and can be summed up as follows: 1. They are old, fat, and ugly,and don’t get laid enough 2. Their Mommy […]

Is the MRM being destroyed by Racism, Homophobia, and Religious Fanaticism?

June 16, 2011


The Men’s rights movement has a very simple goal. To stop the ‘shit tests’, to support men’s rights, and to destroy unethical programs like affirmative action that penalize companies that do not employ the correct ‘ethnic blend’ and employees for being of the wrong sexual/ethnic group. This is actually a very simple and understandable dynamic, […]


June 13, 2011


I live in an apartment complex that specializes in 1 bedroom, loft, and studio apartments near downtown. Of course, this means that the apartments are mostly occupied by youngsters just leaving home, college students, and divorcees. In the last 3 weeks, there have been four separate instances of deliberate sabotage towards guys from their ex-girlfriends […]