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What if?

March 23, 2017


What always gets me is the way progressives assume that the lifestyle, the dream of ease and lack of physical hardships, and the standards of living that exists today is due entirely to their ‘social progress’. But it’s entirely false. Our standard of living, our easy lifestyle, is due entirely to technological progress… a technological […]

looking at Jesus from a non-supernatural standpoint (Book of Luke)

November 4, 2015


I cannot provide historical documentation, but I can provide a logical framework. I find it interesting to mentally strip the supernatural out of the new testament and look at it as a purely historical document. Of particular note is the story of christ from Luke, which makes perfect sense once you consider that the Romans, […]

The Neoreactionary Label

March 8, 2014


frankly, I like the term ‘neoreactionary’ because it is a joke. In essence, the term is completely meaningless. reactionary by definition, means one who reacts… it could also be termed ‘the opposition’. Neoreactionaries, by their very nature, support NOTHING, they simply oppose. so ‘new’ reactionary’ is pretty much ‘old’ reactionary, the term rendered as meaningless […]


October 22, 2013


Victimocracy is a form of government whereby you present victims, either legitimate or self-styled, to have an amount of influence disproportionate to their actual ability to raise legitimate threats to a population. Unfortunately, Victomcracy is proving tendemic to a media-heavy socialism. What starts it off is media attention to an event, usually garnered due to […]

More Columbus Day Mythbusting

October 20, 2013


More Columbus Day Mythbusting. I love going all historical on idiots. I love it even more when someone else does the research 🙂

On Religion and the Manosphere

October 20, 2013


I am almost completely lacking in any sort of faith (a relatively common condition among autistics, I am afraid… the ability to take very little on faith.) That means that virtually anything that requires faith without logical consideration… religion, feminism, egalitarianism, manifest destiny, fiat currency, the media, democracy, I have to study for a very […]

The truth about the catholic church

July 13, 2011


once again, today I heard one of the greatest lies of our time “The Catholic church caused the dark ages” This is, in fact, a complete fallacy that has been pushed by comedians such as Monty Python and satirists of the catholic church for so long that it is considered historical fact rather than satire. […]