What if?

Posted on March 23, 2017


What always gets me is the way progressives assume that the lifestyle, the dream of ease and lack of physical hardships, and the standards of living that exists today is due entirely to their ‘social progress’.

But it’s entirely false. Our standard of living, our easy lifestyle, is due entirely to technological progress… a technological progress that requires meritocracy, profit, individual accomplishment, and the rewards excellence and a firm grasp of reality have to offer to exist. All of the things that progressives try so very hard to stamp out and eliminate from the human psych.

In a very real way, the ‘social growth’ that they so proudly claim as being responsible for progress has actually retarded that progress…hugely. If not for our technological progress, our nation…and quite possibly every other technological nation on earth, would be vastly behind all others. in every possible way.

Imagine, if you would, a society with the technological progress we have experienced for the last 50 years, WITHOUT being saddled by an ever-increasing welfare state… Without having our progress directed by the needs of socialism, without every erg being devoted solely to the wasted effort of tending to a burgeoning set of ‘special needs’ and social butterflies.

The Internet was inevitable… but what if our resources had been devoted to more important and valuable pursuits, without the albatross of entitled ’empowered females’ driving all of our intellect into irrelevant commercialism? Would we have already resolved interstellar travel? stamped out polluting industrial processes, or finally crafted a truly efficient energy storage medium? What if were capable of truly protecting ourselves from low-technology terrorism, making things like an earth-to-orbit elevator not only possible, but feasible?
What if the medical expertise used to produce fertility drugs, viagra, and sex-change medication had been devoted to conquering geriatrics or cancer? microminiaturization that could enable us to cure otherwise inoperable conditions, and what if the trillions we spent on programs to ‘level the playing field’ in a bergeron-esque struggle to lower the ability of the excellent in order to allow the useless to ‘compete with them’ had been withheld and left in the hands of the middle class… the true innovators and inventors, so that many more people could afford to send their children to a truly affordable private higher education that had to compete to provide the best and most relevant schooling for the future?

What if we were able to produce and afford a truly exceptional military, one that could keep us from the depradations of would-be overlords, but was advanced and trained enough that we wouldn’t have to constantly spend such a huge portion of our product in order to stay ‘barely ahead’ of our enemies? One that was not so concerned with ‘fair hiring’ and was instead devoted to the training and equipping of the best possible trained and equipped defenders? A populace that could similarly afford to equip and train themselves so that they could respond to violent crime and reduce it, without the need for an all-encompassing police surveillance state and the accompanying burnout that causes atrocities among otherwise good men that have been exposed for far too long to our ‘catch and release’ violent offenders methodology?

What if our families could afford to spend the time it takes to raise their children properly? Without the requirement of devoting such a huge part of our intelligence product to constantly evolving schemes to entertain people into soul-dead stupidity? If children could play outside without constant parental fear and the negligence demanded by constant competition with globalist manipulators destroying their earning potential to subsistence level locking them into their homes to be brainwashed into another generation of useless consumers and welfare leeches?

Where would we be now? Where would our country be… and where would the world, with the trickle down of advanced technology that always accompanies progress?

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