The Neoreactionary Label

Posted on March 8, 2014


frankly, I like the term ‘neoreactionary’ because it is a joke.
In essence, the term is completely meaningless. reactionary by definition, means one who reacts… it could also be termed ‘the opposition’. Neoreactionaries, by their very nature, support NOTHING, they simply oppose. so ‘new’ reactionary’ is pretty much ‘old’ reactionary, the term rendered as meaningless as terms like ‘unquestionably’, or ‘equality’.

The built-in pun is what makes the entire term so amusing.

Frankly, Neoreactionaries are NOT neoreactionaries, because they refuse to be pegged to a label of the sort. their inherent allegiance to nothing but fact means that they have NOTHING in common with each other except a willingness to get to the bottom, and reject qualifiers and cultural mores. In their own way, they are doing exactly what feminists claim to be doing, which is to strip away the culture (even though in public they may still wear funny hats on funny hat day) and the convenient lies, find out not only what it is concealing, but WHY the lie exists in the first place…. to objectively weigh the value of each lie and decide what lies help our species grow, and which must be discarded… and publicly support the ones that are useful. In the end even ‘rationality’ is not technically correct, because when one finds a lie that encourages human species and cultural growth, that lie is buttressed even if it flies in the face of reality.

“The heat death of the universe” is a certainty, as is our species extinction, so the neoreactionaries are willing to support the incredibly useful lie that our existence MEANS something…. one of the things rejected by neoreactionaries, despite it’s near certainty, is nihilism, because nihilism accomplishes NOTHING. Accomplishment ‘IS’ and does not need to be justified against eternity in order to be immortal.

Because of this, no one simple label fits neoreactionaries, ESPECIALLY the one that has been chosen. Again, Ironic assumption on a label which may perhaps be the LEAST accurate possible label to apply to people who are so relentlessly individual that labelling doesn’t even apply. You can, of course, choose certain common threads, such as ‘pragmatic rationalists’, or ‘Self-aware hypocrites (if you are being ironic)’, perhaps ‘Aristotlean realists’, or even ‘pantheistic solpisists’ if you want to get a chuckle out of it. Even the term ‘Dark enlightenment’ is a joke cut from the same cloth.

If you really want to label them with a SERIOUS label even though one of the first things a neoreactionary must recognise is the absolutely ludicrous hilarity of the whole situation, there is only one that fits, and it ONLY fits because it is a common thread, even though it scarcely encompasses something which cannot be encompassed because it is so overwhelmingly different for each individual. That word is ‘Awakened’.

Say the word with a laugh, though, because laughter is the ultimate expression of recognition of the contradictions neccessary to be a man. Laughter is taking pleasure from pain, right from wrong, and logic from contradiction. Recognizing what lies are necessary and what Lies are unhelpful is, frankly, fucking funny.

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