Dark enlightenment

Posted on February 19, 2014


The concepts and understanding behind the ‘dark enlightenment’ have been solidly part of human understanding since before the times of aristotle and socrates, as evidenced by their writings on the subject.
Those who do not learn from the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. Progressivism is, by it’s very nature, a denial of the validity of history.

And those who understand this lesson are not ‘waiting patiently for the collapse’. Some of us are fighting tooth and nail to prevent the destruction of the society we have built, and others, recognizing the inevitability, as evidence by recurrent themes in history, are working to hasten that collapse, while a few… perhaps those who truly are enlightened, are simply trying to salvage what is good and decent out of our shared heritage, protecting it when the fall occurs. And make no mistake, the collapse of decency, the destruction of the concepts of honor and responsibility, the decline of manners, faith, conscience and morals replaced by collectivism, mandatory adherence to irrational standards, mass embrace of ‘should be’ instead of recognising ‘is’, and a mad dashing about to find someone, ANYONE, to blame your own failures upon, heralds the destruction of our society as surely as forty foot letters of fire from god himself.

One of the ironies that older readers may note is that even those of us who grew up in the 70′s and 80′s are starting to realize that we were lied to regarding the prior decade. The battle for civil rights was not won, it was lost. The true civil rights that were being fought over were the freedom of choice, the freedom to do business, live, and go to school where and with whom you wished. These were the ‘civil rights’ being violated.

When Governor George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door, he was making a statement. The statement was that the federal government had no constitutional right to demand that the states pay homage to their federal overlords. In blatant violation of the constitution, Kennedy federalized the national guard, using them as a police force and forcing a university to allow entry to students, or customers, they had chosen not to accept. It paved the way for the federal government to deny the rights of property and liberty, the two foundational rights upon which the constitution and bill of rights were founded, in support of the state-sponsored ‘religion’ of egalitarianism.

The first amendment is being violated right now, and has been violated for decades, by the simple expedient of not recognizing the doctrine of socialist egalitarianism for what it is: a religion.

It is a faith that denies reason, that applies mystical concepts like ‘universality’ and ‘minority rights’ in clear-cut denial of realism. It destroys legitimate research by shackling it with political correctness. It worships diversity as the one true god, and wars violently with any opposing philosophy… even if that philosophy is not a faith, but rather a recognition of reality. And, like most religions, it is funded, sponsored, and controlled, by a few individuals who profit enormously from the ridiculous beliefs and indulgence of softheaded followers.

Our country and our world has, to put it simply, become what all socialisms become eventually; to whit, a theocracy led by charismatic tyrants. This is the failure of democracy, that eventually the meek shall be led by popular sociopaths.

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