Posted on October 22, 2013


Victimocracy is a form of government whereby you present victims, either legitimate or self-styled, to have an amount of influence disproportionate to their actual ability to raise legitimate threats to a population.

Unfortunately, Victomcracy is proving tendemic to a media-heavy socialism. What starts it off is media attention to an event, usually garnered due to ratings (people love watching others suffer) that is often rare or unheard of.

Let’s face it. Weird crap happens all the time. Victimocrats attempt to paint an unusual or singular event as ‘common’ in order to garner political power or to prevent the incident from ‘ever happening again’.

In it’s moderate form, Victimization can be a valuable tool… educating others in order to prevent the chances of it happening to them. However, in the American form of Victimocracy, it involves legislating untried social and legal experiments in order to prevent the circumstances under which it could happen… unfortunately, since so much victimization occurs due to the poor choices of the victim, that legislation ultimately only prohibits freedom and personal liberty.

Some girl gets too drunk to walk and winds up getting raped by a criminal? Instead of teaching our children not to get intoxicated to unconsciousness in public, we legislate other things… raising the drinking age, treating any male in the vicinity as a rapist, and treating even consensual sex under the influence as automatically ‘nonconsensual’. Don’t teach your children not to be stupid… oh no, that is ‘limiting their freedom’.

Someone dies because they were too stupid to put on a helmet? Let’s just make NOT wearing a helmet illegal… the millions of people every year who choose to wear a helmet, and the millions who never wore a helmet and never got smashed up, have their freedoms restricted because their self-determination pales in comparison to the one ‘victim’ who wrenches a compassionate tear out of some sympathetic politico who uses their plight as a political springboard for ‘change’.

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