On Religion and the Manosphere

Posted on October 20, 2013


I am almost completely lacking in any sort of faith (a relatively common condition among autistics, I am afraid… the ability to take very little on faith.) That means that virtually anything that requires faith without logical consideration… religion, feminism, egalitarianism, manifest destiny, fiat currency, the media, democracy, I have to study for a very long time in order to make sense of.

Because of the fact that I am not religious, I found it very hard to find a way to relate to ‘neurotypical’ people. I had to come up with a set of working rules, a code if you will, that I could live with that would make me tolerable to both myself and others.

I have asked myself many questions, and pondered the results of those questions, that many people appear to take simply as assumed to be on the side of ‘good. Is slavery or ‘female slavery really evil? When is a child able to take responsibility both socially and sexually? Is racism or culturalism a good or bad thing? What is the cultural purpose behind religion? Is murder evil? Is the death penalty murder? Were women really oppressed? Was there a good reason behind the holocaust? Even QUESTIONING these things, even if you finally agree with the cultural narrative, is tantamount to being a traitor to ‘the faithful’

The only ‘side’ I have ever been able to see the logic of and fully embrace is in the classical concept of ‘military honor’. This is not because I was brainwashed in boot camp (I knew what was happening going in, and looked on with amusement as the world was deconstructed and reconstructed for the recruits… they were forced to go through the same process I go through every single day) and I do not mean military honor… America has corrupted military honor as thoroughly as every other valuable form of social control. It started with eliminating ‘parole’ and has just gotten worse over time.

The thing is, I realized that SOCIAL controls require SOCIAL implementation, and LEGAL controls require LEGAL implementation.

You don’t hang a man for speaking his mind. However, shunning him for his ranting is totally acceptable. The difference is very very simple. If someone hurts someone else’s FEELINGS, it is social. If someone hurts someone else PHYSICALLY, it is legal. Legal requires that you NOT do something, and social requires you to do something. legal punisments ate not social, and social punishments are not legal. Never the twain shall meet.

This is the core of ‘honor’. I do not fit into smoothly into the left/right paradigm, because at the heart of both sides is the desire to make social controls legal.

So, in essence, I totally SUPPORT religion, because it gives a valuable set of social controls for allowing people to live together. I respect religion enough that I am even willing to pay them lip service as long as it doesn’t violate my personal integrity. Honor demands that I not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those among us that do, but at the same time I will not disagree with someone that claims Jesus was responsible for success…. because that would actually be dishonest, since I have no positive proof that Jesus did NOT interfere on his behalf. So, socially, if it makes someone happy to claim Jesus as the sole benefactor, I am quite happy to go along with his assumption. It makes him happy, doesn’t hurt anyone, and has the net benefit of encouraging humility. I support anything that establishes a route to success with clearly-defined rules.

That is actually my biggest problem with socialism of all sorts, from feminism to corporatism to communism, because socialism at it’s heart involves a lack of honor… an arbitrary set of rules that changes on the whim of a fickle public, as well as some rules that preclude other rules, and establish no clear-cut method of achieving success. As long as the rules establish a viable and non-arbitrary method of achieving success, I support them.

That is also why i support the PUA movement. Not because of what they do, which I find reprehensible, but because they have managed to create a set of rules that virtually any man can follow to achieve success with women. If you follow the rules, you WILL get laid by extremely hot women… even physical deformities can be overcome by strict adherence to the available education.

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