Quitting Smoking

Posted on July 17, 2011


So, it’s been nearly a week since I smoked my last cigarette.

I am going to rant a little again, so please be patient.

I have started on a product called the ‘E-cigarette’. It is a battery-powered inhaler with a base of distilled water and liquid nicotine (in very small doses, about the equivalent of cigarette inhalations) It strongly resembles an actual cigarette, although it’s about 20% thicker around, needs considerably less ‘drag’ strength than I am used to with filtered cigarettes, and weighs about 3 times as much. even the appearance is very similar to an actual cigarette with brown plastic ‘filters’ (which are the cartridges of nicotine water and the vaporising contact) and a white plastic ‘shaft’ (containing the battery). The light at the end, however, is blue… something I chose specifically because I didn’t want people thinking I was smoking an actual cigarette in smoking-disallowed areas. (which are legal for vaping, as vaping has NO secondary effect.)

Now, I don’t know about other smokers (although I have heard that many of them are in much the same boat as me) but the ONLY way I would have ever been able to stop smoking up until now was through cold turkey. The comfort of lighting up and inhaling and exhaling smoke is nearly as powerful an addiction as the actual nicotine itself. I admit that I have a habit, and due to mental associative properties, I have associated the act of lighting up and smoking a cig with the comfort and calming effect of the nicotine itself.

The problem with nicoderm patches and gum is that they provide excessive doses of nicotine in lieu of the actual act of smoking a cigarette. according to many recent studies, nearly 90% of those who try to use nicoderm to stop smoking fail miserably, returning to the standard cigarette… and I believe this is because nicoderm patches do NOT have the associative properties of comfortably lighting up and smoking a cigarette.

So along comes e-cigarettes, which do exactly the same thing as nicoderm and nicotine gum, ie. they stop you from smoking.

The hazard of cigarettes come from the 157 additional chemicals that you inhale each time you get a puff of nicotine… the nicotine has the phsyical addictive properties, but it is the lure for people to continue with the body-destroying properties of basically inhaling coal smoke.

an e-cigarette provides the comfort of sucking a drag on a cigarette, exhaling the smoke (it’s actually nothing but water vapor) and the spicy little ‘hit’ at the back of your throat that is identical to what a cigarette provides, without all those extra chamicals that cause throat and lung cancer, lung buildup, second hand smoke, unpleasant odor, and all the other junk that ‘real’ cigarettes give you to deal with. it is both physically satifying (nicotine) and emotionally satisfying (dragging and inhaling-exhaling)

In my case, this blu cartridge I am vaping also tastes EXACTLY like what pipe tobacco SMELLS like, but never really TASTES like… it’s wonderful, and far more plasant than the mixture of smoky crap I am used to tasting from a traditional cigarette.

The FDA, in it’s infinite special interest group asskissing and wisdom, has decided that, somehow, e-cigarettes are MORE harmful to your health than nicotine gum or nicotine patches.
In point of fact, chewing 17 pieces of nicotine gum can literally stop a young child’s heart. And nicotine gum is sold WITHOUT age verification, and in most cases is stocked on shelves within easy reach of grubby little pilfering fingers, with enticing fruit and candy flavors.

In several states, e-cigarettes cannot be sold with any ‘fruit’ or ‘specialty’ flavors other than menthol. They cannot be sold without age verification, and they are not even legally allowed to carry a ‘smoking cessation aid’ label or advertising of any sort.

tens of thousands of people have admitted that E-cigarettes have either completely supplanted their smoking urge, or have allowed them to wean themselves off nicotine altogether… many e-cigarette companies (Including the one that makes the product I am using this very minute, Blu) offer gradually decreasing nictine doses until you can literally order cartridges that contain nothing but flavored, distilled water.

unlike most addictions, nicotine addiction simply makes you grumpy and munchy when you are going through withdrawal. the vast majority of cigarette’s addiction effects are purely psychological…your fingers itch for the feeling of grabbing and lighting a smoke when you are stressed or bored, and that is what usually stops people from going cold turkey… the physical ‘comfort’ from lighting up.

now ask yourself which is more dangerous to a person and the community’s long-term health… an eternal habit of inhaling distilled water? or a lifetime of failing to control your urge to ‘grab a smoke’ while you are chewing nic gum or have some kind of patch?

Me, I am looking forward to the day I am blowing twenty bucks a month on nothing but distilled water. Tomorrow I am going to my local grocery store and demand that they move all their nicotine gum products off the bottom shelf where young children could ‘accidentally’ shoplift them.
anyone who is interested in blu e-cigarettes can get more information from The Blu website as to what they are and how they work. and no, I haven’t been paid to advertize for them or anything (although I am thinking of asking if they want to run an ad on my blog)

I will keep people updated in my ongoing battle to give up traditional cigarettes forever, and reduce my nicotine intake to zero as well, eventually.

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