The truth about the catholic church

Posted on July 13, 2011


once again, today I heard one of the greatest lies of our time “The Catholic church caused the dark ages”

This is, in fact, a complete fallacy that has been pushed by comedians such as Monty Python and satirists of the catholic church for so long that it is considered historical fact rather than satire.

The Dark ages, and the long rebuilding afterwards, originally started at the fall of the Roman empire. an arguable period of intellectual enlightenment that was broken by both the interior collapse of the roman government and external invasion.
After the light of Rome had gone out, a period of frequent invasions and plagues was to follow.
The visigoths invaded and sacked Rome in 410 ad, destroying as they went in incredible amount of writing and knowledge collected during the earlier age. This was followed by an invasion 200 years later by the avars and the lombards. this was met with invasions by the Franks, the Huns, the Slavs, the Turks, and heavy raiding and slaving by the Arabic peoples.

The Catholic church at the time was madly scrabbling to do anything they could to preserve culture, science, and Christianity, with varying levels of success. the organized the crusades, which had the originally laudible goal of attempting to punish the moslem and prevent their continued slaving and raiding against central and eastern europe. But, like all creations of man, the crusades eventually turned into more corrupt goals. They also hired the tuetonic knights to protect much of eastern europe from just such invasions, but the mongols still managed to assault europe in the 13th century and destroy an enormous amount of it’s population, and the germanic knights, despite their mercenary task, simply made themselves into one of the most powerful orders in existence at that time, up to and past their eventual excommunication.

Seriously, do a little research into that time period and you will learn that almost all positive scientific progress and the savings of older records were directly sponsored or funded by the catholic church… which is vilified for the attempt.

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