A simple reason why our economy is failing

Posted on June 28, 2011


Bureaucracy always increases.

This is a law of nature. Whenever someone is in a bureaucracy, simple ambition dictates that they will either rise to the highest level possible, or, failing that, increase their own personal power. William Niskanen proposed this theory in 1977, and the theory has been proven countless times.
Rational Bureaucrats will always try to increase their own budgets, hiring more people, and increasing their own power. There is nothing wrong with this state of affairs, any more than it is evil for wolf pack to protect their own territory. This is true in virtually any facet of lifewhere power is at stake… the more resources you devote to a particular endeavor, the more people subordinate to you, the more powerful you become.
This is virtually always the case in nature as well. hostile virii multiply themselves until the host dies. Deer breed until they overwhelm their own food supply unless there is a natural predator. Everything tries to see to it’s own well-being or the well-being of the group it identifies with to the exclusion of others. to do otherwise is the surest recipe for destruction.
And, in every case, once a certain amount of growth overwhelms the local system, once an organism outgrows it’s own ‘niche’, it dies, to be replaced by newer, stronger organisms, who will eventually grow and die in time.

Corporations and governments behave in much the same fashion. They keep growing and hiring more and more ‘makework’ people until eventually the amount of ‘overhead’ cannot match the amount of producers.That is, in large part, what is happening collectively in america today.

The problem is, that right now Our government and corporations are working like crazy to prevent their ‘natural death’ of their own bloating. looking at the legal policies that make companies ‘too large to die’, and the gradually increasing government tyranny in an attempt to prevent it’s own demise are both massive clues that our government and virtually every large corporation that funds the ‘economy’ are in cheyne-stokes breathing, massive activity with little productivity to show for it as they thrash in their death throes.

There is no way to stop it. no magic bullet to turn these panting old men into vital youths again. The only thing we can hope to do is hasten their death and try to deal with the fallout.

Middle-class America (rapidly diminishing) is the only thing keeping the juggernauts breathing.
stop consumerism. buy your food locally to avoid taxes. Buy your clothing from your neighbor or make it yourself. Avoid the cities like the plague-bringers that they are. build your home yourself. Make friends with locals and handymen. avoid doing anything that can result in ‘taxes’ or ‘government fees’. Take a bike or public transportation to work.
The government and large corporate interests are barely keeping each other alive in a symbiotic relationship that is leaching off the producers in America. to allow one to finally fail means requiring both to fail.