Is breaking societal ideals a good thing?

Posted on June 18, 2011


Living up to society’s ideals is the definition of ‘civilization’. without adopting ideals to live up to, you are ruled by nothing but selfish impulses. You are an animal, fit for nothing but living outside of society.

But, when society’s ideals begin to actively CONFLICT with your personal ideology, Then your duty as a civilized human being is to change the ideals for the greatest possible benefit to the greatest possible number of people.

Discarding society’s ideals without forethought and a great deal of introspection and PERSONAL responsibility is an anarchic response that fuels the fires of violence.

The problem is that powerful modern radical groups are pushing an ideology that absolves people of the neccessity to think for themselves and try to understand all the possible ramifications of their bid for freedom from ‘societal mores’. Most social rules that have developed between men and women in the last ten thousand years (The evil patriarchy) exist because there was at one point a REASON for them to exist.

discarding societal values without understand the reason for their existence is as silly as throwing your handbrake out of the window of a moving vehicle because you do not see the neccessity for stopping when you are trying to go someplace.

Yes, some societal mores were created in a less technologically advanced age, but blindly throwing out the baby with the bathwater in discarding them because they impinge on what some perceive as ‘their personal freedom’ without bothering to understand why they exist, such as protecting more important freedoms of OTHERS from being trampled, is not only short-sighted, but frankly suicidal.

as a brave man once said, “The freedom to punch me stops at the end of my nose”

The problem is, that the current agenda has carried right through with the punch and is fairly plastered in the nose… and the agenda is being supported by a huge number of people who don’t understand that they are also the ones getting punched, and they will eventually feel the hit.

When I was in high school, a young woman that I did not know and did not have any interest in grabbed my crotch.
Modern ideology states that my protest over her crotch-grabbing antics was me, interfering with her right to express herself.
If I had grabbed a young woman’s breasts, without permission or interest from her, I would be in jail for at LEAST a year for sexual assault, right after the football team beat the hell out of me. and I would be permanently and for the rest of my life labelled as a ‘sex offender’ and Society protects and encourages these brutal charges for what is, in the end, a fairly minor case of nonviolent touching.

Does this honestly seem like equality to ANYONE?

Current Society would marginalize this disparity as ‘oh, to make great social progress we have to break a few eggs’ The problem is that this is NOT just breaking a few eggs. This applies to EVERY male and is causing a huge psychological rift in men… every man in america knows by now that he will be ignored if he is groped inappropriately but will wind up in jail if he is caught doing the groping.

This is not a case of liberalism ‘not going far enough’. It is a case where unrestrained radicalism and gender politics has gone so horribly far that an entire half of our species is living in constant fear of reprisal for trying to be ‘equal’ to women. Men’s rights to express themselves, their freedom and understanding of the fairness of all things, is being relentlessly ground out of existence.

Men are living in fear… and our responses are split three ways between trying to ‘appease’ the majority (by reacting to this ‘new society’ as though it’s a positive thing and turning on those who recognize the problem like starved dogs fighting over a chunk of bone ), by trying to ‘ignore’ the problem (Man up guys! I am a man and I don’t feel oppressed at all! all those other guys had it coming, and it can never happen to me!), or by fighting back. The MRA’s HAVE to be twice as effective and twice as careful about hoarding what little concession we get, because we are outnumbered at every turn by terrified appeasers and ignorant ‘live and let live’ types JUST among our own gender. not to mention this huge block of Propaganda that is turning our own instincts to protect and love women against us, as well as an enormous amount of sympathy that have simply, unthinkingly, bought into this propaganda and ideology without considering the consequences.

Most MRA’s do not hate women (in fact, I don’t know personally a single one that does) in fact, we LOVE women… but we have realized that our backpedaling agreement to every ill-conceived and selfish demand radical ideology has placed upon us is destroying the very foundations of civilization that we have spent the last ten thousand years building. It is time to STOP caving in to every casual demand that ‘new liberalism’ makes appealing to our weakness in being unable to say ‘No’.

We, the MRA, are out searching desperately for the baby that Modern Society cast out the window with the bath water, and we are going to fight anyone that tells us that it is not worth searching, or laughs at us, or attempts to stop us with fear of repercussions. Our families, our future, our past, and our survival as a civilized species truly depends upon us starting to think for ourselves and taking a stand.