Why men become men’s rights activists

Posted on June 17, 2011


Andrea DworkinI have seen an enormous amount of theories coming out of feminism as to why men support the MRM or become activists opposing feminism. Most of those theories are entirely unbiased, hateful, and abusive and can be summed up as follows:

1. They are old, fat, and ugly,and don’t get laid enough
2. Their Mommy didn’t love them enough.
3. they are vicious, wannabe rapists
4. They read too much Neitsche or John Norman (Okay, that one may be closer to the truth… Then again, it’s close to the truth in some cases because I made it up… feminists don’t like admitting that men are capable of reading.)
5. They are poor sports and can’t take a bit of good-natured ribbing
6. They support the ‘patriarchy’, ‘rape culture’, or ‘male privelege’
7. They are afraid to lose their positions to more-qualified women.
8. They feel hate women because women are automatically so much better than them at everything.
9. They are religious and their gods told them women are inferior.
10. they are walking Anachronisms, displaced from a ‘progressive’ culture.
11. They want the freedom to hurt women at any time, in any place.
12. They are stupid and easily swayed by masculist literature.
13. They feel threatened by strong, intelligent, career-motivated women.
14. They are all sadistic and want approval to harm the weaker sex.
and many many more insulting, self-congratulatory or victim-worshipping reasons. All of these reasons are merely a reflection of the feminist’s own insecurity and projection of their own motivations onto men, without any factual basis or attempt to discover what REALLY motivates men.

I am not going to go into how self-contradictory many of these opinions are, but self-contradictions are virtually a hallmark of feminism. They want women to be ‘free to do whatever they want’ as long as what they want sticks to the feminist ideals, whatever those ideals happen to be THIS week.
Gloria Steinem

But arguments aside, I think we need to spread the TRUTH about why me join men’s rights advocacy. what motivates them to look up a ‘gateway’ site such as fathers for families, MGTOW, PUAlingo, or menarebetterthanwomen.com and travel from these to the more serious male activists sites.

1. Many men on these sites HAVE experienced, first hand, the pain of getting sent to jail on a false rape accusation and getting anally raped twice a day for five years.

2. They have personally experienced getting their lives, fortunes, and futures stripped away by a ‘sympathetic’ family court. They have personally been abused by feminists calling them ‘rapists’ or ‘misogynists’ simply because they wish to be treated with the respect that they have earned.

3. They have been forced out of their children’s lives due to a false claim of ‘abuse’ by a vindictive spouse, and watched their ex wives live in unemployed luxury with a triple income of welfare (their taxes), alimony, and child support while they literally live in their car or on the street because punitive restrictions have forced them to try to exist on ‘garnished’ income so far below poverty level that they cannot even afford to feed themselves and pay for a bed in a flophouse at the same time.

4. They have lost their jobs because ‘affirmative action’ has forced their employer to hire or promote someone less-qualified and lay them off, or because some girl filed a ‘sexual harassment’ claim against them because she dressed to attract attention and they foolishly were attracted, or because they angered a woman or stood in the way of their ambitions.

5. They have been sent to jail for abuse because they irritated their ex-wives or their exes simply wished to ‘clear the way’ for a more desirable male.

6. They have been pummeled with thrown objects or physically abused by women because, when they call the police to protect them, the police have told them to ‘man up’, or ignored the charges as ‘impossible’ They have been afraid to fight back or even stop the physical abuse because they will be, or have been, sent to jail on charges of abuse for defending themselves.

7. They have been called ‘sexual predators’ because the woman that seemed so willing the night before, woke up next to a less-desirable man than they expected the next morning and decided to change her mind about having fucked him.

8. They have been jailed and labelled as a ‘child sexual predator’ for changing their baby’s diaper or helping a small child find their parents.

9. They have been saddled with lifelong financial and social penalties because they were seduced by an older teacher or someone they looked up to and didn’t understand that at 13 years old they could get a 45 year old woman pregnant.

10. They have been labelled as deviants and felons because their girlfriend they met in the sixth grade, who was a year or two younger than them, decided to keep having sex with them when they turned 18.

11. They have been abused by a school system that has geared their curriculum away from functional learning of useful information and hard sciences that interest them, and towards ‘soft sciences’ and interpersonal relationship training that they cannot empathize with or do well at.

12. They have been forced and trained to behave like socially-crippled females from a young age, instead of being taught that their masculinity is every bit as valued as femininity.

13. They have watched billions of their tax dollars being funneled into research for ‘breast cancer’, an affliction that affects women almost exclusively, while ‘prostate cancer’, a disease that kills three times as many humans as breast cancer, has recieved a bare trickle of support because the people who die are men.

14. They have watched while females blamed them for every social problem in existence for the last two thousand years, despite the fact that these ‘problems’ were never actually caused by them.

15. They have been ridiculed in popular media with hate speech and bigotry again and again.

16. They have had their lives risked because affirmative action programs have allowed a woman to take a job that they were totally unqualified and physically unsuited for.

17. They have been laughed at for crimes against them and they have been ridiculed for seeking help for problems over which they have no control.

18. They have watched as females receive a veritable FLOOD of sympathy for having problems which they ARE capable of solving themselves, or even for outright lies.

19. They have automatically been assumed to be liars whenever their words contradict a woman’s, regardless of any facts that may be presented supporting their position.

20. They have been systematically rejected by women for obeying the social rules taught to them since childhood while men who ignore those social rules have enormous success in attracting and keeping women.

21. They have rejected all the social rules that have been taught to them since childhood, and discovered that by rejecting those rules, manipulating and abusing women in exactly the ways that they have been taught are wrong, they can achieve unparalleled social and sexual success and happiness.

22. They have attempted to commit suicide, or watched a friend commit suicide, because of all the stress and horror they are experiencing at the hands of feminist-inspired laws and social penalties.

23. They have been called ‘pussies’ or ‘wimps’ for being unable to deal with the depression and cognitive dissonance caused by a social structure which conflicts at every turn with all the things his soul tells him are ‘right’

24. They are disgusted by the lack of honor that has accompanied every program supported by feminists.

25. they have seen for themselves the illogic and self-serving agendas that feminism has proposed under the guise of ‘equal rights’

26. They have had their children murdered by easily-accessible abortion, without having any rights to protest or protect their own offspring.
Scum Manifesto

There are many thousands of more reasons that men join Masculist or anti-Misandy movements, but these are some of the most common. ironically, woman often join the men’s rights movement for exactly the same reasons, but most of them are terrified of the social or societal repercussions of admitting that they actually LIKE men, or appreciate them for who and what they are. Feminism has roundly decried these women as ‘traitors to all women everywhere’ simply because they choose to do exactly what feminism has claimed they are working towards: The right for women to do what they like, instead of applying themselves to the feminist agenda of ‘acceptable’ activities for women. Feminism has become a far more oppressive regime than any so-called ‘patriarchy’ in history.