Is the MRM being destroyed by Racism, Homophobia, and Religious Fanaticism?

Posted on June 16, 2011


The Men’s rights movement has a very simple goal. To stop the ‘shit tests’, to support men’s rights, and to destroy unethical programs like affirmative action that penalize companies that do not employ the correct ‘ethnic blend’ and employees for being of the wrong sexual/ethnic group.

This is actually a very simple and understandable dynamic, and has an enormous amount of logic supporting it. 40% of the planet’s population is male, and males are utterly necessary in every facet of maintaining civilization, expansion, creation, reproduction, and nearly every fashion in which humans interact with each other.

40%. That’s a hell of a big percentage. in real numbers that means that we represent 1,200,000,000 people. 1.2 TRILLION human beings are male.

And yet, every time I see men’s rights blogs spring up, or serious dialogue about the ethics of using the government to control the actions of men, it’s almost immediately chased by other minority groups that keep wanting to tack on their own agenda. These small groups are not taken seriously and in fact, are reviled or just plain hated by the vast majority of humans on the planet.

‘White Nutritionists” “Vegans for Bambi preservation” “The Yiddish Defamation league” “Natural Humans against homos” “The Church of god the destroyer” “The Black Tigers”
all of these people start pushing their own agenda onto the men’s rights bandwagon in hopes that they can catch on the coat tails of the men’s movement and push whatever theories, right or wrong, they have along with the logic inherent in men’s rights.

The problem is, the minute one of these walking political Time Bombs starts pushing their agenda, all logic and reason to support mens right’s vanishes… we become irrevocably tied to whatever they are pushing, and simply for their own self-preservation, HUGE blocks of men desert or hate us and we lose all future credibility and popularity.

If you were a black man, would you wish to join a ‘men’s rights’ organization and stand side-by-side with a bunch of dudes in white hoods eyeing your neck speculatively?

Men’s rights NEEDS Black american males. we NEED asians, we NEED islamic men, we NEED christians. we need all men to come together for the mutual goal of ensuring that our rights are no longer denied us. Radical liberalism is a world power, and to fight it we HAVE to have similar power.

So men of all walks and creeds. join the men’s rights movement. Leave whatever kind of pulpit-pounding you want to do at the expense of OTHER men at the door. The MRM are about MEN’s rights, nothing more.

We need people seriously dedicated to promoting men’s rights, and if you are going to alienate other men with your own politically loaded special interests instead of concentrating on the problems that affect all of us, then you are costing us more in credibility than your support is worth.