The Rise and Fall of the United States of America

Posted on June 14, 2011


uncle Sam on life support
Okay, this may sound a bit tinfoil hattish, but I need to lead off by saying I do NOT believe in the Illuminati, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, and I think that while there are ultra-rich people at the top pushing their own private agenda for America, I think that they are out to backstab each other every bit as much as they want to fuck the rest of us.

Many men are driven to the Men’s movement, or become MRA’s, due to egregious, humiliating, and crippling abuses that feminist-driven bureaucracy have heaped upon them. But I think I need to point out something very important to these men (and indeed I am one of them).

Feminism is NOT the disease.

It is a fever that the corrupted body of government that we call ‘the United States’ is using to try and cure itself…albeit unsuccessfully. It is a fever that is destroying the body of America while it destroys the disease, but America is too old to survive the cure.

Humans, corporations, and governments all have the same problem… their lifespan is finite. and like the aged, the burgeoning corporation, and a government, it starts grasping at any straw it can find to prolong it’s life. A bureaucracy always expands, it never contracts. That is not to say that a bureaucracy is a bad thing… It is almost always one of the most stable and healthy and fair types of government around. But you have to remember that everything is finite, and OUR bureaucracy has hit the limit of it’s lifespan.

Radical Feminism, income tax, prohibition, economic playgrounds, none of these things are the disease… They are merely symptoms of the fact that ourt government has passed the 200 year mark nearly 40 years ago. Few governments of ANY type have ever lasted longer than 200 years, no matter how enlightened they may have been when they were created. People might want to point at empires and monarchy to show that a government can last longer, when in fact these types of absolute control literally changed every time a new emperor or monarch ascended the throne.

We must learn from the lessons of the past. The Roman empire was a perfect example of this. Every 200 years or less, the government changed dramatically until it was finally destroyed. The Other ancient civilizations underwent the same cycle of constant change of government, and all governments in history have followed the same example.

People talk about ‘adapting to the new social model’ as a way to change their personal relationship with what was once a production-based country to what is now a management-based country. The problem is that this is inherently flawed. We exported our production to other countries, and now THEY are starting to thrive… while we, the management-based country, are starting to die. Just like when the romans changed from a productive warrior society into a society of absentee landowners, we can see the symptoms all around us of stagnation in our social culture… and yet we keep thinking with the alarming mental conceit that ‘this is progress’.It is not, it is our country turning into a parasite as it desperately clings to life.

Our country is trying to patch it’s wounds and burning up from fever… but the disease cannot be cured. It is a symptom of old age. patches and temporary cures NEVER EVER work in the long run, or we would all still be speaking Latin or Mongolian. Old age cannot be cured. The only way to change things is to allow the bloated organism to die. Hasten that collapse if you can, because the sooner it dies, the less fallout is likely to occur, and allow several smaller organisms to take it’s place, like a tree in a forest. and those of us that can withstand that death and regrowth will be part of a new, vibrant organism. which will eventually fall in turn. Humans have always been about growth, and change. When we stop growing and changing, we stagnate and die. It’s time to let the bloated beast called ‘the government’ die and be reborn in a dozen different, vibrant new governments.. like an old tree that falls in the forest.

It is in our best interests to do this as quickly as possible… since, the longer we allow Uncle Sam to drag out it’s parasitic existence in the form in which it exists now, the more damage it will do to us when it falls.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not support armed insurgence except as an absolute last resort. I do, however, support more and more men ‘ghosting’. Withdrawing from the government, from the life support mechanism. Make your own money as a contractor and then save that money in ways that do not depend on fiat currency. Learn the PUA game and ‘check out’ of the standard social game instead of giving the parasites a way to latch on to you desperately to survive.

Become leaders and wait until the time is right. Arm yourselves to the best of your ability and preserve your own ability to survive as best you can, and when the time comes that leadership is needed, BECOME that leader, the safe haven to which others can flock. It might not happen in your lifetime, but you can hasten that collapse by being productive away from the society. learn to be productive, Be a renaissance man, learn how to milk a cow and build a house from logs with your bare hands and a minimum of tools. figure out how to rig a generator or even how to fix a PC if that technology (hopefully) still exists. Avoid supporting the leech however you can. Learn how to fix a car, or even build one. Learn to make your own gunpowder. collect ‘hardcopy’ books with good scientific information in case the power and internet go out.

Be prepared. this is not advice solely to men, it is advice to women too. Men, be prepared to shoulder the responsibility. Women, be prepared for a savage new world where you cannot count on anyone to protect you until you find someone that can and work out an agreement with them. As anyone who has ever participated in a major governmental change can tell you, it might take us, as men, MANUFACTURING reasons for the government to abuse us. Most men will not see until they have it rubbed in their face that our government is corrupt… and the government has good reason to keep it’s corruption low-profile.

I don’t agree with many that the sovereignty movement is the answer. It antagonizes the powers that be. On the other hand, I fully support the men that are doing it, for exactly the same reason. We may need to push the government into another Waco disaster with the ‘sovereign’ folks. I don’t believe in a conspiracy, but i do know that the level of government abuse has to be accelerated before we all collectively start to starve, because that is the only way for people to realize something is wrong.

Bear in mind, I am NOT a ‘revolutionary’. I don’t want anyone to go storming the white house with guns, or blowing shit up. But the fact of the matter is, like it or not, our government is going to soon be going through a complete reform very soon. Be prepared for hardship, and be prepared to take the new government in a direction YOU choose instead of letting the old guard turn it into a tyranny. Read the history of WHY the revolutionary war succeeded, and WHY the civil war failed. Read about the roman empire’s rise and fall and the rise and fall of Egypt and the Chinese dynasties. barring an actual invasion of American soil, the only way social corruption can be nipped in the bud is by making it so egregious that it can no longer be ignored, and then being ready and able to pick up the pieces and retain what we can.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Okay, that’s about as close as I get to tinfoil hatting. My conversion to the Dark Side is nearly complete. They have cookies, even if the cake is a lie.