Posted on June 13, 2011


I live in an apartment complex that specializes in 1 bedroom, loft, and studio apartments near downtown. Of course, this means that the apartments are mostly occupied by youngsters just leaving home, college students, and divorcees. In the last 3 weeks, there have been four separate instances of deliberate sabotage towards guys from their ex-girlfriends that live in their same complex.
Look… for the aspiring PUA or the Beta guy looking for true love, DO NOT MESS YOUR NEST. Home is where you go to relax, bring HB’s, and play video games… dating some chicka, no matter how hot she is, that lives in the same building/complex as you or works in the same place as you do is just ASKING for trouble.
Girls are fucking nuts. This has not been in debate for years. But after you kick them to the curb, you do NOT want them to come back for your alpha greatness and try to destroy your life just so you will see how much better it was for you when they were your prime pass. Women do emotional, stupid, illogical, and insane things without the benefit of a conscience to guide them or anything like remorse or common sense getting in the way.After they are gone, they can and WILL often try to ‘get even’, especially if they see new girls coming by your place every day.
A normally rather sweet girl can become a raging hormonal monster on her period, and this gets worse if she sees someone that clearly outclasses her getting guided into the same apartment where you hammered her tonsils three months earlier. Their ‘special snowflake’ status is threatened, and they will do their best to sabotage you, the relation with the girl you are with, or even do you physical harm through sabotaging your stairs or cutting your cables.

Unless you plan on moving the minute you dump her, no matter HOW hot the bodies down by the pool are, keeping your fucking hands OFF your neighbor is a good strategy to avoid psychobitches and maintain your sanctum sanctorium and secret supervillain manlair.

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