Back to Basics

Posted on June 12, 2011


If you are like me, you have probably already started worrying about what’s going to happen when America and Europe become new third world countries. Or, you simply want to know how to do thing like making food from bare ingredients dug out of the dirt, keeping yourself alive in an emergency, improving your life, health, and finances by cooking ‘real food’ instead of surviving on wal-mart chicken nuggets and maruchan noodles, or you have seriously considered ‘checking out’ of modern life and becoming a hermit in Bangladesh or something.
Back to Basics
Welcome to back to basics, the original 1981 version published by readers digest. My pop bought this book back when I was a gradeschooler, and I used to spend hours poring over it’s text and the illustrations. This thing picks up were the older versions of the boy scout’s handbook left off. it contains hundreds of step-by step instructions for doing everything from building a log cabin to making your own nails, rigging a solar waterheater to slaughtering and smoking a hog.

For any man that wants to know how to survive and thrive on their own even if it all comes crashing down, this book and it’s newer versions are a definite must-have. I figure that if we have a third world war or a second revolution, Wikipedia might not always be available… and a real, honest-to-god hardcover book of doing things yourself could be more precious than gold.