The Red Pill vs. the blue pill

Posted on June 11, 2011


Reprinted from my post on the spearhead.

the red pill blue pill reference is directly from the matrix. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the traditional political party colors.

The ‘red pill’ means that you have decided to see for yourself how far the rabbit hole goes, that you have started to decide for yourself concepts such as justice, honor, fairness, truth, and are willing and open-minded enough not to subscribe to the common belief system about gender roles and you realize that, to quote the movie “There’s something wrong with the world today, you don’t know what it is.” It means that you have decided to see the coding behind the reality… You may choose to fight it, like the MRA, or figure out how to tweak the code for your own benefit, like the PUA’s.

the blue pill means that you simply accept things, and stop questioning why and how they exist, and buy into the whole ‘government is right, men are inherently evil and should exist only to serve women out of guilt for their sheer awfulness, no one can raise their own children successfully without big brother watching over them, the media reports the news, and all the other propaganda that has bathed society for the last century.

A lot of people talk about ‘taking the red pill’, and yet they are barely at the point where Neo touches the mirror…getting drowned by his own reflection and the reflections of society, believing that the democrats are right, or the republicans are right, or the conservatives, liberals, or even libertarians are right, without ever seeing that each of these groups has their own aims, their own greedy power grabbing agendas, and each and every one of them will use whatever tools that they have at their disposal to gain followers and power.

True ‘red pill’ takers don’t even agree with all or even most of what they see specifically on ‘red pill’ sites like these… which is why, for any article, you will often see as many people deriding a writer for their naievity or foolish misconceptions as you see people agreeing with their points. The real meaning of the “Red pill” is that you THINK about what is going on, and come to your own opinions and decisions, and find like-minded individuals. You are finally willing to try to find out the truth, and let facts, not propaganda, dominate your life.

The advantage of ‘red pill’ sites like these though, even though they may still contain healthy doses of ‘Blue pill’, is that they contrast enough with established viewpoints that they can often shock a reader into actually thinking for themselves…. the ultimate aim of everyone who has taken the red pill…. Most of us ENJOY arguing, debating, or contrasting facts with each other… we want MORE people to begin to think for themselves, make their own decisions about everything from right and wrong to liberty and security.

So that’s the essence of the red pill… opening your eyes to the fact that reality may not be that which has been spoon-fed to you since you were born.