Posted on June 11, 2011


In the network of men’s empowerment sites, the common terms you will often hear are ‘PUA’ (pick up artist) and ‘MRA’ (Men’s rights activist) It is important to note that these two terms are NOT interchangeable, and do NOT mean the same thing.

I am not trying to deride the PickUp artist (On the contrary, I am one myself) or the Men’s rights movement (also a member). I am just trying to lay out the facts as I see them.


The Men’s rights movement is populated by men that have recognized for themselves the fact that American Society, and much of world society, has been corrupted by a combination of special interest groups, rampant commercialization of elections and legislation, and pandering to radical groups that control large voting blocs. Their primary enemy thus far has been radical feminism.  Their reasoning is that men have been marginalized in all social sectors despite enormous evidence that the male aspect is not only important, but indispensable to creating a healthy social construct. They are working to bring ‘equality within our abilities’ and fight against legislation that brutally tears apart families, allows women to strip resources or even freedom from men without legal recourse, inflicts humiliating and debiliating social and financial penalties on men that seek to behave like men according to current and past social paradigms, and automatic discrimination against men in venues such as legal hiring practices and family court.

Pick up artists, on the other hand, tend to work within the system as it is set up now. Their reasons are various, but primarily they are seeking happiness without demanding activism or change, and while avoiding the pitfalls of the legislation that men’s rights activists are attempting to change. They work with complicated and proven social theories in order to behave like ‘stainless steel rats’, obtaining what they need and desire and making a minimum of impact. Many pick up artists are also attempting to encourage social change at the grass-roots level, but these are few and far between… on the whole, however, there’s a strong question of whether pick up artists are a symptom of a sick society, or whether they are the ones that truly see what society has become, and cleverly manipulate human nature and the social system to triumph despite the obstacles that are in their way. The operate at the ‘alpha level’, and there is a lot of evidence that suggests that this is the level that most men were designed to operate at.


My question is to those who have found this site… do you wish to be a hero and try to change the world? Or do you wish to be a success and change yourself? My only suggestion is to try to be both… change yourself so that you can change the world.